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Living memorial ideas to honor a loved one

Living memorial ideas to honor a loved one

Plant a memorial tree

Planting a tree is an excellent way to pay your respects, offer grievance and remember your deceased loved one, while contributing to the environment simultaneously. Moreover, if the remains of the loved one are scattered over the sea or are buried at quite a distant location, it can be challenging to pay respects each time. Instead, by merely planting a tree, you establish a physical place where you can pay your respects and remember them.

Plant a memorial tree from ashes

Planting a tree from the ashes of your loved one is a favorite and meaningful way of honoring them. This not only formulates a living memorial but growing memorial as well. There is no restriction as to what tree should be planted, and instead, any tree or seed of desire can be determined.

Keepsake saplings

During the memorial service, to honor and remember your loved one, all attendees are offered keepsake attached with thank you note saplings, in an environment-friendly burlap bag. The intention is to spread the love and respect for loved ones, far and wide.

Keepsake seed packets

Another favorite way of remembering the dear ones is by distributing the deceased’s favorite flower seeds in small packs, distributed to all attendees of the service. You can further customize it printing pictures of the loved ones over the cover.

Blooming remembrances

Issued in the shape of a bookmark attached by desired shapes of blooming seeds, such recollection allows attendees to plant flowers in memory while keeping with them bookmarks imprinted with unconditional quotes.


Eco confetti

When holding services outdoors, consider eco confetti using environmentally friendly paper which comes in a vast array of color, shapes, and size since it can be ultimately scatted and planted as well.

Bird feeder memorial gift

Engraving personal quotes or favorite texts of loved ones on a cedar wood bird feeder, not only helps you remember them each time you read it, but pleases you to know that birds find joy and sustenance from the loved one’s memorial.

Gift boxed memorial tree

Another beautiful natural tribute to remember loved ones is by sending grieving friends and family of the deceased gift packages of memorial trees of choice.

Echeveria living wreath

The echeveria living wreath is composed of organic plants and flowers for sympathizing the deceased or offering condolences while serving as a living memorial as well.

Appletree kit

Indicative of its name, honoring loved ones through growing an apple tree will give friends and family delicious apples over a while, remembering them through rich fruits.

Plantable card

Plantable cards are made from seed paper. Apart from paying homage, they can be used to plant flowers and other types of plants, offering a live memorial natural tribute.

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